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Join us for the Inner Wisdom Outer Grace 200hr Yoga Teachers Training. This is NOT just ANOTHER teacher’s training, it’s a PATH that may LEAVE YOU CHANGED FOREVER.

Kimberly Sotelo founder and director of Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness strives to provide a rich yoga education that offers a heart centered alternative to many contemporary yoga teachers trainings. Her intention is to not only provide you with outstanding technical skills and to be fully certified to teach, but to give you the opportunity to uncover all that is good within you.

Whether you’re a student seeking to deepen your practice or an aspiring yoga teacher who wants to share your unique gifts. The Inner Wisdom Outer Grace’s 200Hr Yoga Teachers Training will both nurture and challenge you to become the best you in all aspects of your life.

Through a carefully crafted curriculum you will develop your unique teaching voice, one that speaks from your heart with confidence and understanding. Plus you’ll have a blast — laughter is good medicine! You’ll develop new friendships and lifelong connections too. Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness is a 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered School.

RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher

200hr Yoga Teachers Training

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WHAT SETS Inner Sunshine APART?

Kimberly knows from experience that delving deeper into yoga, whether to teach or simply for your own personal practice, requires training that will develop both your skills and your heart. The knowledge will be put it into a strong a sturdy pot (that’s you). Then the “pot” will be heated through the fiery discipline of practice and the alchemy of inner transformation will take place. Thus, the knowledge is transformed into wisdom. It is from this place of Inner Wisdom that Grace flows outward into the world.

This type of training demands an intimate setting where attention is up close and personal, and the relationship between trainer and trainees is one of love and support. It requires that close bonds and long-term friendships bloom among all involved. It demands that we laugh, as well as learn together! Kimberly’s intention is to create a diverse, inclusive studio community of teachers, trainees, and students all mutually supporting each other. it is her intention that each individual shines and offers their own unique gifs to the community. Kimberly believes that when we decide to work together, we can change the world.


This curriculum exceeds Yoga Alliance standards, and upon completion students may register at the RYT-200 level.This holistic and comprehensive 200-hour teacher training is an extraordinary opportunity to inform and give direction to both your practice and your life. Two different but associated groups attracted then to be attracted to this training: dedicated students who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and themselves, and those who hope to become outstanding yoga teachers.

This curriculum exceeds Yoga Alliance standards, and upon completion students may register at the RYT-200 level.

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Throughout the the Inner Wisdom Outer Grace 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training you will learn the most essential skills for teaching yoga, including: poses, alignment, assists, functional anatomy, speaking confidently from the heart, how to create a safe space, creative sequencing, and much more. But you will also grow as a student. You will be encouraged, and at times required to look within to see what holding patterns need to be let go of. You will be fully supported as you reach outside of your box of self set limitations to explore the diversity of world and find your unique place within it.

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Kimberly’s approach to learning emphasizes doing and practicing, lots of it! Through her guidance you will see how your actions, no matter how big or small, can become a part of something much greater.

You will practice building fluency as a teacher, and work creatively to develop skills in developing memorable sequences, themes, and presentations. You will learn how to infuse your classes with wisdom gained through your own experiences.

You will have opportunities to reach out to the greater community to gain experience in working with diverse populations. At the end of your training, you may have the opportunity to gain even more practical experience and serve others by teaching a donation class at Inner Sunshine. This is a wonderful opportunity even if you don’t intend to teach after your training; the skills and techniques that create a great yoga teacher also build self-confidence, discipline, and presence that will help you access your potential and seek happiness in all areas of your life.