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Teacher Training Application

First Name


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Describe your experience with yoga and how has it affected you?

Last Name

Date of Birth

Cell Phone

What style do you usually practice?

How long have your practiced?

How many times per week do you practice?

Specifically what attracted you to this particular yoga teacher’s training?

What are your intentions and goals for enrolling in this training?

Briefly describe any body/mind, energetic, or spiritual practices with which you are or have been involved.

Do you practice pranayama and/or meditation?

Are you currently teaching yoga or another discipline (Pilates, martial art, meditation, etc.)?

If yes For how long?

Do you have any other physical activities your regularly engage in?

Please tell me more about you. What other activities/hobbies do you like to do.

If you could tell everyone in the world one thing what would it be?

Describe any injuries, disabilities or illnesses of which we should be aware. How are you addressing these? (Illness, disability or injury will not prevent your acceptance into this program.)

How did you learn about the Inner Wisdom Outer Grace Yoga Teacher Training program?
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