Consultations and Private Yoga Lessons

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Consultations and Private Yoga Lessons
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If you have a chronic condition or acute injury — or are unsure whether group classes are for you — schedule a 30-minute consultation with Kimberly before attending any group class. We will discuss your condition and together decide what approach is best for you. The consultation is not a lesson, but Kimberly may ask you to do several poses for assessment purposes. After your initial consultation, depending on your circumstances, we may decide that you first begin with private sessions or Thai Yoga Therapy before attending group classes.

Private Yoga Lessons

You can rediscover your vitality, increase your strength and flexibility, and find clarity of mind no matter where you are starting from. Group classes may not be for everyone but we’ve got you covered. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition, have an injury, are new to yoga, or want to give a special focus to your existing practice, we can address your needs in private sessions.

An individualized approach will enable us to communicate openly and customize a safe and healing practice specifically for you. Your endurance and range of motion will increase naturally through proper alignment and beneficial movement rather than by force. When you learn to practice yoga in a safe and caring manner, all aspects of your life will begin to flow with ease. You begin to shine!

Kimberly’s students achieve more than they ever thought possible. Most importantly, her students learn to listen to the innate wisdom of their body and cultivate a calm awareness that enriches their lives everyday. Kimberly Sotelo has worked with a diverse range of individuals from Olympic athletes to those suffering from chronic pain and degenerative diseases.

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