Commitments… Honor What You Love…

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Commitments… Honor What You Love…

Too many commitments?

Are you drowning under the weight of a bunch of, or perhaps hundreds of, broken commitments?

You know what I am talking about here, it’s that stuff you say your going to do, but don’t. It might be things like getting up earlier, eating at home more, practicing to yoga three times per week, writing a book, or whatever else it may be.

The thing is, you always KNOW when you are not doing the things you said you would do. Inside, whether you are conscious of it or not, the lack of integrity is killing you, and I know YOU know what I mean.

It’s there in your head nagging at you whenever you try to relax.

Do you honor YOUR commitments?

Broken commitments, especially those hidden self commitments, drain you energetically leaving you with a heavy feeling of,  “I can’t” instead of the optimistic “I can!”

Happiness is determined, in part by, what you commit to, to whom you make those commitments, and more importantly by your ability to follow through with them.

Here’s a double energetic draining whammy, perhaps you find yourself making commitments you don’t want to make or have no intention of following thru on. That’s a heavy burden to bear!

How do you feel when you do not honor commitments that you make? …like a dud. Yup, I could use worse words, but you know what I mean. HOWEVER, the good news is that the solution to END dudisim is simple!

Start honoring your commitments!

Easier said than done you say?

Ok so, here’s how you do it.

  1. Make a list of all of your outstanding commitments.  You want to be happy right?  Write them down. Stop now and do it. Come back when you’re done.
  2. Now pick out a few you want to do and can accomplish first. Don’t over commit!
  3. Now visualize yourself already competing the task! See it completely. How does it feel in your body? take a moment to close your eyes and feel it. So…ho’d it go?  Pretty darn good I’d guess , and a probably FEELS whole lot better than the weight of all those uncompleted tasks.
  4. Keep that good feeling in your body no matter what.
  5. Follow through with the commitments the serve you, while holding the feeling that they are already accomplished.

Note: There may be some things on that list that you no longer want to accomplish. Life grants us the ability to see things from a new perspective, so replacing old goals with new ones that serve you better is called wisdom. You don’t have to be old to be wise. 

True happiness comes from the process NOT the end result.   I’ll have more to say about that in another post.  Weed out what you don’t need and focus on what you want. Enjoy the ride, and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is stay fully committed.

Enough talk.

Hopelessly committed to a brighter world,
Kimberly Sotelo a being who know she is not her name.