Commitment: Show up, Dig in, and Love Your Life.

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Commitment: Show up, Dig in, and Love Your Life.

What does commitment mean?

Commitment means digging in and putting in honest effort. It means not giving up on yourself or those you commit to.

“To keep on doing the thing you said your were going to do, long after the feeling is gone.”

The process of transformation is not easy. You have to be firm and resolute about your decision. You have to say NO to the that which does not serve you for your greater good no matter how sexy, tempting, or seductive the other option might might be.

If you have a hard time with commitment please read on, and if you don’t please read on as well. We all need to hear these powerful life changing words.

Commitment means showing up for yourself.

I am fully committed to serving. I show up day after day because, I’ve made a personal decision to to show up for myself.  It is through always showing up, even when my mind or body are saying NO, that I’ve turned my life around. I show up for me.

If you want to live the life you want to love, your gonna have to commit to it. Sorry, there is no other way around it. If you don’t walk through that door on a regular basis is ain’t gonna happen. I wish it were easier…but the sweetness comes I promise ,but you’ve got to show up for yourself.

Commitment happens now not in the future.

So many people tell me personally how they need to take better care of themselves, and that when they do their life is better.  I have heard stories about you having less pain and stress, more productive at work, feeling happier, and being nicer to others.

Why would you not want to step thought that door and commit to yourself? Now is the time to quit playing small and thinking about tomorrow. Transformation happens right here, right now. It takes energy, heat, and discipline.

Here’s the thing, we are too busy running around chasing someone else dreams. Just stop.

Commitment has no time for excuses.

If you don’t like how your life is…then do something about it. Don’t keep on doing the same old same old and expect anything to change… and lose those excuses. Trust me we’ve all heard a lot of them. Yes, some are truly valid, but you’ve got to decide to get back on track when you get derailed…and trust me your going to get derailed, that’s life!

If you don’t dedicate time for yourself, it’s not going to appear like magic.

If you go to church, treat your time a sacred as church. Your body is a temple for your beautiful radiant soul, and taking care of it is a prayer of gratitude.

What better way to offer thanks and love to God than to take care of yourself? With a healthy body and clear mind you can then can go out and serve others.  When you take care of yourself you become a positive force in our community.

No one can do this for you, only you can walk through that door and make that commitment..

There I said it, now get your tired cranky body to a class, clear your mind, take a wellness workshop, go to meditation, get some fitness training, reiki, Thai therapy, wellness coaching, what ever it takes.

“The power to change is already there within you”  -Dr. Svami Purna

Join the conversation. I want to hear what finally helped you decided to turn your life around for good.


Fully committed and happier than ever.

Kimberly Sotelo  been to hell and back, and that’s ok. She knows she is not her name. Kimberly has a committed her life to inspiring others and to live a more fulfilling life from the inside out. 

Kimberly is the owner and founder of Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness, developed the Inner Wisdom Outer Grace 200hr  Yoga Teachers Training, Thai Yoga Therapist, and Spiritual Guide. She is a mother and wife and knows that balance is never static.  Contact her here