What to Expect

//What to Expect
What to Expect

Your first yoga class

Your First Yoga Class at Inner Sunshine Yoga

When coming to your first yoga class, you’ll want to arrive about ten to fifteen minutes early. This will give you time to check in, speak with the instructor about any injuries or questions you have, and settle on to your mat. You will be asked to leave your shoes and belongings in a safe cubby area inside the studio. Cell phones are best left in the car, but if you need your phone with you, we ask that you leave it on silent as to not interrupt the session.

Yoga is the art of yoking the body with the breath and quieting the mind. With that said, there may be an element of meditation in your class. Most classes last about 75 minutes. If you have a mat, bring it! If not, we have one you can use, or new ones you can buy.

Physical Changes

In just a few weeks you are going to be feeling great! You will likely find you’re sleeping better, standing taller, and radiating a new sense of self-confidence.

After 30 days of attending yoga classes at least three times per week, you will begin to notice your flexibility, core strength, and upper body strength have increased. You will feel more centered, less stress, and much calmer in trying situations. You may even notice you’ve lost a few pounds.