Remove your shoes upon entering the building

Spread you toes! Feel the earth below your feet! We practice barefoot. No outdoor shoes on the studio floor or wood floors in the rest of the building.

Turn your cell phone off or better yet, leave it in your car

Yoga time is vacation time! Make a habit of turning off your cell phone as soon as you arrive. Let the studio be your sanctuary, a time to tune out and tune inward. Besides, you could be quite embarrassed if your phone rings during class. If this happens, (and it has even happened to me) please silence your phone as soon as you are able.

Please arrive on time

Arriving 10 minutes before class begins allows you time to check in and decompress. If you do arrive late, please put your keys away before you quietly enter the studio.

Do not eat for two or three hours before class

Nothing is worse than trying to practice yoga on a full stomach! If you do you might experience cramps, nausea, or vomiting; especially in twists, deep forward bends, and inversions. Plus, Digesting food takes a lot of energy and this can leave you feeling lethargic.

Please let the teacher know about injuries or conditions that might affect your practice

Knowledge is power! Tell your teacher if you have an injury or physical limitation. There is always a modification or alternative pose that is more suitable for your body. If you need to take a break, go into child’s pose or sit with legs crossed and practice focused breathing. You can also lie down in relaxation pose whenever you need to.

Bring a towel and your own mat

If you own a mat, bring it. If you don’t, we have some for you to borrow or a new one you can buy. If you wish to purchase one, talk to Kimberly, not all mats are created equal. A thick towel is a useful prop as well as something you can wipe your sweat with.