Class Descriptions

//Class Descriptions
Class Descriptions
designed to have you feeling better quicker than ever.

All classes at Inner Sunshine Yoga an Wellness are designed to have you quickly feeling your absolute best.

The sequencing, pace, and class energy may differ, but our intention is the same, to give you a sustainable and holistic experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Rest assured, all abilities are welcome here. We will personally adapt the poses and movements to your current abilities. In no time at all, you’ll feel fabulous!

If you suffer from a chronic condition please schedule a 30-minute consultation with Kimberly before attending any group classes.

Rise and Shine Flow

Creative, energetic sequences to wake you up and get you ready to tackle the day. Moving at a quicker pace, come ready to sweat and leave feeling empowered. Open to all levels and Walk-ins.

This class is open to all including beginners and walk-ins.

Align and Flow

In this fun and innovative class we use socks, sliders, and yoga mats and with an emphasis on strengthening the muscles to support better alignment both on and off the mat. This is a great class for someone new to yoga. However, the experienced yogi has much to gain in this class as well. Expect to get your heart rate up! Poses can be modified from simple to advanced.

This class is open to all including beginners and walk-ins.

Rest and Restore Yin Yoga

Tap into the energy within you!

Targeting the connective and soft tissues of the joints, Yin yoga is perfect for anyone looking to ease achy muscles and gain flexibility. A gentle, yet passive class, each pose is held for several minutes. The class is 75 minutes long and will not leave you sweaty.

This class is open to all including beginners and walk-ins.

Strength and Tone Power Flow

This class will tone the body from the inside out. Using power poses and dynamic holds, you will fire up your core and get a full body workout.

Open to all levels (a little experience is helpful) and Walk-ins.

Energetic Power Flow

Expect to sweat in this fun and fast paced energetic class! Be prepared to be challenged to let go of whatever has been holding you back. This class is best for those who have had some experience in yoga understand the basics of flow. Remember you may not get every pose right away, but you’ll get that Yoga Glo every time!

Open to advanced beginners and walk-ins who have some prior yoga experience

Slow Moon Flow

Much like your weekend probably was, this class is a little bit of everything! Some poses will bring some challenge and heat but you can count on the overall class to be a meditative and gentle flow. Think of Weekend Wind-Down like a potluck dinner party: There’s something for everyone. You’ll leave feeling better than you arrived and ready to tackle a new week head on.

Open to all levels and walk-ins.