Unlock your potential with our Yoga Classes

About our Yoga classes

Throughout the ages the practice of yoga has evolved and branched out into different styles and practices, yet one goal has remained: to unite body mind and spirit.

All yoga classes at Inner Sunshine keep that single goal in mind. Whether you are just learning to how to down dog, flowing like a pro through your vinyasa, slowly stretching it out in a yin class, or diving deep into meditation, we strive to create an experience that brings you closer to your wholeness. The sequencing, pace, and class energy may differ, but rest assured, in all classes the poses and movements are personally adapted to your current abilities. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling that yoga glow, when body, mind, and spirit are aligned into a unified whole.

If you suffer from a chronic condition, please schedule a 30-minute consultation with Kimberly before attending any group classes.
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