About the Center

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About the Center

Our Beginnings

The center’s humble beginning dates back to 2003 when Yoga Ananda was founded as the area’s first authentic yoga studio. Originally located in Auburn, after a few years and many transformed lives the studio grew beyond its space.

With an eye for untapped potential Kimberly stumbled upon a beautiful historic building that had been sorely neglected for years. Slated for demolition the next day, Kimberly quickly put a hault to its demise and thus INNER SUNSHINE YOGA & WELLNESS was born.

The home of INNER SUNSHINE YOGA & WELLNESS is now listed on the National Historic Registrar as a beautifully restored building. Today INNER SUNSHINE YOGA & WELLNESS shines brilliantly and contributes to the revitalization and beautification of Historic Opelika.

Sunshine Edible Gardens

Take a stroll through our edible gardens on any given day and you will likely see birds, butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies all frolicking in their natural environment, but this hasn’t always been the case. You see, this land used to be baron. Many people doubted it would ever have the ability to support thriving growth again. But Kimberly didn’t listen. She believes in the potential of all things. With a lot of help from her friends they tore up a gravel parking lot and put in paradise! Come meditate by our fishpond, or pick a piece of fruit ripe off the vine. Perhaps you would like to sample a jujube — its like candy on a tree! Everything is pesticide-free- and when we say everything, we mean it! We’ve grown pineapple guava, pomegranates, kiwi, persimmons, loquats, and our own native “mango,” the pawpaw tree. We have also had native plums, blueberries, southern raspberries and thorn-less blackberries.

As well as an assortment of fruits, have also beautiful specimens of perennial natives that support our wildlife and attract bees to pollinate the fruit trees. We have endangered regional herbaceous plants, which we encourage everyone to grow at home to help preserve the rich genetic heritage of the South.

Best of all, our little love garden is maintained solely by rainwater. Come by and we’ll show you how we’re harvesting rainwater and storing it underground in our 1500-gallon cistern. While you’re here, learn about Patrick Thompson’s ingenious method of running the soaker hoses through the landscape, which is both long lasting and super easy to repair and expand. It is our hope that once you see how easy, beautiful, and delicious an edible landscape can be that you will be inspired to go home, dig a hole or two and plant some edible plants of your own!

Garden Full of Gratitude

These wonderful gardens were made possible with a ton of help from sustainability enthusiast Patrick Thomson; a rain garden extraordinaire, native plant expert, back hoe driving, fishpond building, gardener. and his“Yes we can do it!” enthusiasm. His endless knowledge of sustainable gardening, native plants, and rain gardens has helped make our dream a reality.

We are also so thankful for Jeremy Clark and the folks at Compass Construction who were able share our vision and make Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness rise out of the ruble. Special thanks to the Auburn University’s Landscape Architecture program’s, Charlene Leblue for her creative designs for our historically appropriate edible garden and the entourage of dedicated yoga students who helped us tare up a barren gravel parking lot, and put in paradise! Last but not least, Kimberly offers endless gratitude to her husband Christopher McNulty. Without his selfless dedication and support none of the work at Inner Sunshine Wellness and Yoga would have been possible.