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//About our Staff
About our Staff

Kimberly Sotelo

Founder, Yoga Instructor, Thai Yoga Therapist, Holistic Wellness Educator

Kimberly, founder and yoga instructor
Kimberly’s students achieve more than they ever thought possible through her compassion, humor, and an individualized approach to teaching. Whatever your physical condition may be, with Kimberly’s guidance you will learn how to move in positive ways both on the mat and through your life’s experiences.

Kimberly has been practicing yoga since 1999. Her gentle teaching style developed from her own personal experience with chronic illness and pain and her extensive study of yoga as a means of healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies. She received her yoga teacher’s certification at the Sivananda Ashram in upstate New York and is currently training to be a Whole Health Coach and Educator through the National Institute of Whole Health. LEARN MORE ABOUT KIMBERLY

Nikki Golatt – Yoga Instructor

Nikki Golatt Yoga InstructorMany would describe Nikki as a bubbling ball of energy and enthusiasm. Her journey to yoga began in the fall of 2013 when she tried to get in shape by following yoga classes on Youtube. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Information Systems at Tuskegee University , she found it hard to maintain a steady practice and get any benefit. Right when her passion started to fade, she bumped into someone at an art show who brought her to Inner Sunshine and that’s where the magic began.

Within the first few months of practicing, she began to feel at home in her body and more at peace in her busy life. Nikki sees yoga as an opportunity for the body and mind to connect and for the mind to accept and love the body in any state. She brings this to her classes by challenging students to look into themselves and enjoy the practice for the union it brings.

When asked how yoga at Inner Sunshine has impacted her life she said, “I can’t imagine where I would be without this place. I have learned to understand and accept my body and regained control of my mind. I can honestly say that I am in a much happier and healthier place in my life.”

Lance Arnold – Yoga Instructor

Lance Arnold Yoga instructorWe are introduced to breathing the day we are born, and most of us (consciously or unconsciously) continue to do so even as we read these words. Just as reading this might make you more aware of your breathing, over time one becomes increasingly aware of this practice (By singing, playing sports, experiencing symptoms of stress, etc) but practicing yoga teaches you how the most consistent activity of our lives can increase our awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

If life is about struggling to achieve prowess in all aspects of living, then the key to that is complete awareness of your existence. True mastery can only be found through the consistent effort of living, and it is my deepest wish that we all achieve mastery in all areas of our lives, because once you have completely “beaten” the game of life, you have achieved true satisfaction. It’s a long journey that we can’t make alone, so come stretch with me and stuff!

Rebecca Godwin – Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Godwin Yoga InstructorIn Rebecca’s classes you can expect a welcoming and lighthearted environment. Rebecca will offer you lots of variations and modifications to help you find and play with your edge, while honoring and loving your body. Whether the class is vigorous or restorative, Rebecca aims to teach balance, flexibility, and strength in both the body and mind. Oh, and expect to have fun too! Rebecca believes that a smile is the most important yoga pose and that life is too short to be taken so seriously.

Rebecca is one of those people who are not naturally flexible… or calm. At 15 not only could she not bend over and touch her toes, she could barely reach her knees! She found a book on yoga and “played” at yoga for the next three years (and eventually reached her toes). In 2000 she moved to Auburn for college and, for a few years, had a regular yoga practice. Then after a small knee surgery, a torn ACL, and a larger knee surgery, her practice faded…

In 2010, in the midst of graduate school madness, Rebecca found yoga again. She practiced on and off, but discovered that yoga wasn’t just about touching your toes. Her practice began to show her how to remain calm, how to heal, and how to listen to and love her own body, whatever its condition.

In 2013 Rebecca completed her Level 1 Teacher Training at Auburn University and began teaching at the Auburn City Recreation Center, then Opelika Sports Plex, and eventually at Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness, where she has begun working towards her 200 hour teaching training.

Today, Rebecca is working on her PhD on the evolution and systematics of a group of trapdoor spiders. So, when she’s not out digging up spiders, working in the lab, or staring at her laptop screen, she practices and teaches yoga.

Sam Price – Yoga Instructor

Sam Price Yoga InstructorMy name is Sam. I came to the yogic practice through nada yoga (union through sound). As a musician I am interested in using sound and rhythm to understand yoga. I lead classes teaching basic exercises on using sound and rhythm to guide a meditation practice, as well as using sound bowls as a guide in other yoga classes.

Kimberly Prater – Yoga Instructor

Kimberly Prater - Yoga InstructorAt 39, I discovered yoga in 2006 at a small intimate studio in Auburn, Yoga Ananda – Kimberly’s classes were an inspiration to me – get on the mat and do something. After many twists, turns and bumps in the road, I found it again at Inner Sunshine.

My favorite poses are Uttihita Trikonasana~Triangle & Salamba Srisasana~Headstand; these two poses offer grounding, expansion, and an all around balancing trick. Being a working mom, student and yogini, I found my balance by getting on my mat and finding my very own inner sunshine.

Dr. Heather Ledford – Chiropractic Care

Dr. Heather LedfordIncrease the quality of your life with chiropractic!

Dr Heather Ledford offers services that go beyond typical chiropractic treatments for neck and back pain, she includes a focus on wellness and prevention too. Her highly personalized treatments focus on all aspects of a person…mental, emotional, chemical, and physical, and utilizes therapies to release tight, stressed muscles and increase in range of motion and blood circulation.

Dr Ledford joined the Inner Sunshine team, because she understands that optimal health requires a multifaceted approach. She sees the other modalities offered at Inner Sunshine as an asset to her practice Dr Ledford is excited to see her clients become more radiant than ever.

Come let Dr Ledford restore the function of your body so that you can start feeling your best!


  • BS in Exercise Science from Auburn University
  • Doctorate in Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic
  • She has also provided personal training and aerobics classes from 1993-2010

Call Dr Ledford at 334-703-9281 to schedule an appointment.

Eddie Owens – Massage Therapist

Eddie Owen Massage therapistMassage with Eddie is like a mini vacation! His nurturing touch, authentic presence, and clear intention engages the whole person, body mind and spirit, in the healing process.
Eddie knows how to ease your muscles open in a way that just melts the stress away.

Our bodies are a reflection of the stress and anxiety we carry in our minds. Eddie uses his knowledge of the human body to find problem areas that are related to the mental tension you carry. This tension drains your energy, causes you pain, and zaps your zest for life.

Eddie likes to tailor the massage to your needs, he draws from many modalities including Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, sports and hot stone. He continues to learn new moderates and techniques to assist his clients in their healing process. Eddie passion of massage therapy began from his love of receiving them! Prior to becoming a licensed massage therapist through Southern Union, he was a Operations Manager at a local utility department. This holistic approach to stress reduction and muscle relaxation was so important to his mental and physical well being, that after leaving the utility, he decided to go back to school so he could to share this healing modality with others.

Ready to schedule a massage today? Great! Call (334) 703-2714