About Kimberly Sotelo – Founder

//About Kimberly Sotelo – Founder
About Kimberly Sotelo – Founder

A Letter from our Founder

Welcome to Inner Sunshine! All my life I’ve done things differently. I founded Inner Sunshine with a simple goal in mind, to make the transformational practice of yoga, mindfulness, and wellness available to all. I began my mission way back in 2003 when I opened my first yoga studio with not even enough funds to pay for a sign.

In my heart I always wanted to be able to offer yoga to anyone who had a strong desire to practice. I am so excited that today we have an open door policy which allows anyone to pay what ever amount they want to attend our yoga classes. For those who are fortunate enough to afford our monthly membership, their support allows the less fortunate to have a little space in their day in which they can dedicate time to bettering themselves. Working together like this we make our community happier, healthier, and wealthier.

I believe in every person’s ability to make the positive life changes necessary to live a vibrant life. At Inner Sunshine you can open yourself to new possibilities and know that we are here to support and encourage you along the way. Take it from me, I know first hand how life changing it is to address all aspects of your health-physical, mental and emotional- and bring them into alignment with your values. I’ve done it and want to help you do it too. Living your life in balance not only contributes to your personal happiness and wellness, but also to your family, friends, community, nation, and global community as well.

Kimberly’s Teaching Philosophy

Holistic Wellness EducatorWe all have issues. Whether they are mental, physical, or emotional- everybody has something. That’s why Kimberly purposefully keep her yoga classes open to everyone regardless of gender, athleticism, age or health status. Rather than applying a “one-size fits all” approach, Kimberly understands different bodies have different needs. She offers a variety of classes from gentle to more challenging and encourages her students to always be open to new possibilities. She teaches with an emphasis on proper alignment, to lessen the risk injury and help quiet the mind.

Kimberly’s students achieve more than they ever thought possible through her compassion, humor, and an individualized approach to teaching. Whatever your physical condition may be, with Kimberly’s guidance you will learn how to move in positive ways both on and off the mat .

Kimberly has been practicing yoga since 1999. Her gentle teaching style developed from her own personal experience with chronic illness and pain. To cope with her own condition, Kimberly began an extensive study of yoga as a means of healing her physical, mental and emotional body. She received her yoga teacher’s certification at the Sivananda Ashram in upstate New York.

Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly’s road to yoga was long and filled with physical, mental, and emotional hardships. In her late teens, her life was thrown into turmoil when she was diagnosed with cancer and her parents filed for divorce. She responded to her situation with anger and rebellion. While in college, she had her first glimpse of the transformative power that yoga could have. Introduced to Iyengar yoga at a women’s gym, she found something magical in the long stretches, which left her feeling simultaneously grounded and light.

However, her journey held further struggle for her. One month from graduation, she suffered a severe ankle injury that escalated into a chronic pain disorder and lifelong osteoarthritis. Five years later, working 80-hour weeks as a craft artist, she developed fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel syndrome, and suffered from insomnia, numb hands, and chronic neck, shoulder, back and leg pain. At its worst, Kimberly could not lift her arms above her head or put her own shirt on. The ankle injury and pain syndromes forced Kimberly to face the vulnerability that lay beneath her rebellion and taught her that she was not alone. While she had learned how to stretch her body through Iyengar yoga, she had still not learned how to control her nervous system.

Kimberly realized that she could not continue to live her life as she had been. After some deep soul searching, she intuitively realized that yoga was the path to self-healing. She chose to attend the Sivananda Ashram because it provided a “university” education in yoga rather than merely teaching physical postures. At the ashram, under the rigors of intense training, Kimberly was able to quit her fibromyalgia medications, conjure up the tools she needed to manage her stress, and heal her body in ways she never thought possible. More importantly, Kimberly learned how to accept herself, live with her pain, and be more accepting of others. She opened her heart to love in the fullest sense of the word. Kimberly feels that she has been called to teach yoga, and that, through grace, all paths in her life have led her here. For her, teaching you is a true privilege.

Training and Experience

200 hr Hatha Teaching Certification, International Sivananda Yoga Center

30 hr Ashtanga Teachers Training, Manju Jois

40 hr Ashtanga Teachers Training, David Swenson

20 hr Soma Veda Thai Bodywork Intro, Michael Fortunato

48 hr Soma Veda Thai Yoga I, Dr. Anthony James

Traditional Thai Yoga Threapy II, Nepher Jacobson

Points, Lines, and Pulses, Russi Tijjvo

Continued Ashtanga Training, Todd Roderick