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Classes at Inner Sunshine YogaAll of our classes are designed to have you quickly feeling your absolute best.Our sequencing, pace, and class energy may differ, but our intention is the same, to give you a sustainable and holistic experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.  Rest assured, all abilities are welcome here. We will personally adapt the poses and movements to your current abilities.



This is NOT just ANOTHER teacher’s training, it’s a PATH that may LEAVE YOU CHANGED FOREVER.

The Inner Wisdom Outer Grace’s 200Hr Yoga Teachers Training will both nurture and challenge you to become the best you in all aspects of your life.

Kimberly Sotelo

Kimberly Sotelo – Founder

Radiance: noun ra·di·ance \ˈrā-dē-ən(t)s

A quality of brightness and happiness that can be seen on a person’s face, a warm; a soft light that shines from something
Inner Sunshine is a little different than most places you go to get fit. We focus on the whole you and guide you to remove the layers of disharmony so you can shine brighter. Stress, anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, shame, and jealousy are just veils, much like a lampshade over a light bulb. The driving force of these lower energies is a lack of self-worth and self-love.

These veils weigh heavy on the ever loving and radiant heart, leaving you feeling either dull and depressed or anxious and flighty.  Through the practice of yoga, our holistic wellness services, and transformational guidance sessions these veils can be removed one by one, and by doing so, you move into a state of harmony with yourself and others.  As you progress in your practice it is inevitable that you will feel kinder, lighter, stronger, motivated, and happier. You will shine brightly.

There is one other thing that sets us apart, we do business differently. We have an open door policy. We believe that by making yoga and mindfulness accessible to everyone we can help support the creation of a kinder, more responsible community, and global village.

Welcome to INNER SUNSHINE YOGA & WELLNESS. Come get Radiant with us.